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Ioanna Palamidou studied in London from 2015-2020. She earned a BSc (Hons.) in Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London, an MSc (Hons.) in Clinical Neuroscience at University College London (UCL) and a Master's Degree in Creative Practice in Independent dance in collaboration with Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance .


 She is interested in the way our brain controls and contributes to the production of movement, but also how movement can change areas of the brain and may act preventively or therapeutically in neuromuscular diseases . In relation to these questions she worked in internships with Mario Politis (Professor of Neuroscience, King's College London– 2017 / -18) and George Samandouras (Neurosurgeon at UCLH, 2020), with emphasis on brain mapping.


She has been dancing ballet and contemporary (Release technique) since she was very young. However, since 2018 she has been systematically studying somatics and contact improvisation  (Covid allowed). She has been taught by field experts, for example:  Skinner Releasing technique (G. Agis, K. Alexander, Florence Peake), Alexander Technique (G. Paizi), Authentic Movement (A. Borris, V. Legakis), Body-mind centering (BB Cohen, K. Dymoke), Focusing (F. Bock), Franklin Method (T. Waldron), improvisation, Improv. and experiential anatomy (Charlie Morrissey, AG Thiriot, R. Holgate-Smith, R. Jaroschinski, R. Nodine and others) .


 In 2019 he attended the conference "Movement and Music in Therapy" at UCL and the online "THE EMBODIED YOGA SUMMIT". She has attended several SATI Dynamic classes with Evi Houtou, the founder of the method.


She is a member of the International Dance Council - CID.  

She is a Certified Franklin Method Educator for Lumbar fascia and a Level 1 Instructor of the Franklin Method, since October 2021. A method that she integrates in her teaching. 

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